The services and intuitive information and/or guidance provided during Oracle Card Readings, Coaching and Mentoring Sessions, Events and any other services offered by Lisa Carberry is for your personal information only. It is your own personal responsibility to determine the choices that you make in your life. Lisa Carberry does not accept any assumed or implied responsibility whatsoever for your choices or actions. Any referrals to other practitioners or suggested modalities are given without endorsement or affiliation and for you to make your own decision for your health, wellbeing and spiritual evolution. If you are seeking medical diagnosis or specific medical treatment, please consult your Doctor or Medical Specialist.

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Pay it Forward

Lisa has also studied at Colette Baron-Reid’s Oracle School, completed Personal Mastery and Shared Wisdom and received the honour of Certified Oracle Guide*.


It is Lisa’s intention to use her experiences, talents and gifts to facilitate transformation and expansion, assisting every individual to ‘be the change they want to see in the world’, thereby opening them to their field of infinite possibilities.


In so doing, Lisa also intends to support raising the vibration, consciousness and awareness of a global humanity, so that we may all come to a greater understanding of being a part of the oneness of all, living fully as interconnected, interrelated, and multidimensional beings in peace, love, joy, harmony and grace.


For Lisa, her work is an exciting adventure through which she enjoys supporting other people on their journey toward a deeper sense of self and the creative power this releases.


Lisa currently lives in Australia with her two animal companions.

* Legal Disclaimer


Colette Baron-Reid’s Oracle School and Colette Baron Reid do not specifically endorse any Certified Oracle Guide.


Any reference made by a Certified Oracle Guide to a specific product, process, or service does not constitute or imply any endorsement whatsoever by the Oracle School or Colette Baron- Reid. The views and opinions expressed by any Certified Oracle Guides do not necessarily state or reflect those of the Oracle School or Colette Baron- Reid. Colette Baron-Reid’s Oracle School and Colette Baron-Reid is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any content or information provided by a Certified Oracle Guide.


Therefore use of any information provided by a Certified Oracle Guide is thereof solely at the user's own risk.

Lisa Carberry is a highly skilled and professional intuitive who serves to guide individuals toward re-educating their mind, engaging their heart and expanding their soul.


The author of the book ‘Transform Your Life, Transform Your Teaching Book One: Soul Speak in which she provides an authentic, intimate, challenging, and revealing journey into the depths of the mind’s creations, she has also been regularly interviewed on The Wellness Show podcast Click Here


A spiritual teacher, author and modern-day mystic, Lisa has been blessed with many teachers and mentors through her own journey and experience of coming into the authenticity of her being.  Her expertise in ‘self-transformation’ enables Lisa to explore issues of energy, spirit and the power to create personal success from the inside out. 


More recently, Lisa had the privilege of serving as Colette Baron-Reid’s appointed ‘Honourary Captain’ in the book club for her most recent book Uncharted: The Journey Through Uncertainty to Infinite Possibility. Click Here