The services and intuitive information and/or guidance provided during Oracle Card Readings, Coaching and Mentoring Sessions, Events and any other services offered by Lisa Carberry is for your personal information only. It is your own personal responsibility to determine the choices that you make in your life. Lisa Carberry does not accept any assumed or implied responsibility whatsoever for your choices or actions. Any referrals to other practitioners or suggested modalities are given without endorsement or affiliation and for you to make your own decision for your health, wellbeing and spiritual evolution. If you are seeking medical diagnosis or specific medical treatment, please consult your Doctor or Medical Specialist.

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Pay it Forward

You deserve to live your best, most prosperous, and joyful life.  So, ARE YOU?  Living it I mean…  If not, then you’ve come to the right place!


Lisa Carberry – Intuitive Spiritual Teacher, Author and Mystic is here to be of service to you in re-educating your MIND, engaging your HEART, and expanding your SOUL so that YOU CAN live the life you want and deserve.


Whether you are an individual seeking some guidance and direction towards fulfilling your dreams, or a business wanting to improve productivity and increase staff morale, there’s a service available to facilitate this.


Lisa also offers a more specialized service for those times when life and the body are preparing to leave this earthly plane, whether it be a human form or a beloved animal companion.


A strong connection to Spirit (some may use the term God, The Divine, Source) combined with a genuine, loving, compassionate, grounded, accurate, wise and professional approach makes Lisa Carberry highly sought after for the services she provides.


Lisa is dedicated to supporting you in opening yourself to your unlimited potential and witnessing the many opportunities that present when you do.


Begin your truly exhilarating, experiential and transformative journey with Lisa Carberry – Intuitive Spiritual Teacher, Author and Mystic today, and learn for yourself the magic and wonder that lies WITHIN you just waiting for YOU to ignite.


Whatever you are seeking, it is also seeking you, so take a look around and let’s connect!